• Venue Management

    Sleep Overs is proud to offer a complete selection of short-term rental and accommodation services for a wide variety of properties and venues. From apartments to bed and breakfasts, motels to boutique lodges, we cater for just about all accommodation venue needs. Our services are available within most popular tourism areas throughout Australia and New Zealand, as well as to single investors, large developers and investment companies. The information in this brochure aims to highlight the considerable benefits available to you, should you engage our services. Even if you own a single apartment and simply wish to make it available as a short-term rental property, we have the services to suit just about anyone’s budget and needs. What we offer as a company is opportunity — the opportunity for you to maximise the benefit and enjoyment of your investment/s, while still being able to use your property whenever you desire. Who are our clients:
    • Anyone who owns or is buying an investment property in popular tourist areas or CBDs,
    • Real estate agents and property managers,
    • Developers, builders and investors,
    • Hoteliers and accommodation owners.
    We provide a complete cleaning service that is specific to each accommodation venue’s requirements. Our cleaners are thorough and focussed on having the necessary attention-to-detail required when preparing a property for occupancy. Our protocol is strict to ensure all accommodation properties are clean and prepared, ready for guest arrivals. Properties are scheduled for deep cleans when required. Our cleaners are not only extensively trained in clearing and preparation, but to also immediately alert us to any issues, repairs or messy guests. They are required to take photos and videos immediately if they find anything that is of concern. Here are just some of the requirements and services you can expect from our cleaning personnel:
    • Clean and prepare properties for guest arrivals,
    • Reporting to Venue Managers of any maintenance issues needing attention,
    • Ensure properties are secure and safe at all times,
    • Organise linen replacement and replenishment of amenities,
    • Check and replace light globes, batteries and general incidentals,
    • And must have a current police check, with approval by SOI.


    More often than not, guest problems and issues can be resolved with a quick phone call. Our territory managers are extensively trained in knowing how to resolve just about all matters promptly. Whether it is organising tradespeople or personally attending to the venues to fix simple issues they are ready 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Services include:
    • Addressing and attending to guest issues, no matter how big or small,
    • Organising tradespeople to attend to the property to address issues,
    • Dealing with all call-outs,
    • Troubleshooting all issues.
    Marketing your venue in the digital space can feel like overwhelming and unquantifiable. From online, to social media, to SEO, to SEM to print media, what works best, where is there good value for your spend, and which avenues don’t succeed? The experience and proven track record of our marketing department really sets us apart. Marketing your property is a business strategy — an investment that should produce results and a clear return. Strategy built on knowledge, experience and multiple success stories is a great place to start. Modern day marketing is an ever-changing, constantly evolving industry and our team are on the cutting edge of what is effective in a crowded marketplace. We pride ourselves on having one of the sharpest marketing teams in the industry, who are equally as passionate about the tourism industry as they are about media, marketing and communications.
    • Social media management,
    • SEO and SEM management,
    • OTA and Accommodation Sites management,
    • Online partnering and marketing,
    Booking and Sales Division so they can measure, monitor and initiate sales, packages and channel
    Our Bookings Services Team is second to none. We are one of the only locally-based accommodation booking service providers that are open and available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Our highly trained team will book and process payments efficiently for your venue, any time of day. They will also monitor your adverts and listings, coordinate with the marketing department about running promotions and deals, and ensure that your venue is promoted appropriately and effectively. Our Booking Division provides the following services:
    • Establishing your venue on all of the appropriate booking sites and platforms,
    • Monitoring and coordinating suitable tariffs and presentations,
    • Processing bookings, schedules and calendars,
    • Processing payments and deposits.
    All of our clients have the benefit of using our Customer Care and Complaints Division. This division processes all complaints, investigates them and completes a full finding result to help resolve matters. It is an extensive and very professional service that SOI only offers to our exclusive clients. This is your personal dispute resolution service, trained to assess all matters thoroughly and  xtensively. They will consult with the parties involved to establish the origin of the dispute, and will implement a fair and reasonable resolution for all parties. This division will also pursue where appropriate and practicable any damages and issues that maybe caused by occupants. 
    CITY/CBD Locations: If you own an apartment and wish to operate it as a short-term rental you would know that checking-in and checking-out occupants is a major challenge: late turn-ups, late check-outs customers needing directions and the list goes on. Unless you have the flexibility to attend your property any time of day, or night, this becomes a huge burden. By appointing our management and services you now have your very own mobile concierge, who will contact guests, greet them at your property, check them in and show them through the facilities. If your venue requires a full-time or part-time host or manager, we have fully trained staff available, and ready to facilitate any venue requirements anywhere, from five-star to three-star venues, from luxury resorts to backpackers.
    Tourist Locations: Most popular tourist locations boast a variety of available venues to suit different customers. We have well-trained hoteliers and hospitality personnel ready to operate your venue in any capacity you require. Syndicates, investors and funders require our services in order to run their accommodation venues and to also make significant improvements to the freehold andthe business, to increase value and viability for their investment. We offer onsite and offsite hosting services, depending on the venue structure and requirements. The hosts or venue managers are required to clean, prepare meals, maintain the property, greet and tend to guests and more. Hiring experienced and well-trained accommodation hosts and managers can be the difference between a thriving venue and one struggling to make ends meet.