Property/Business Ownership Authority -

    By setting up your account with Sleep Overs you acknowledge and confirm that all businesses and properties listed are owned or managed by the account holder specified. You will be required to provide evidence upon setting up your account that you have the authority to manage all advertisements listed.
    Upon creating this account you confirm and acknowledge this authority.

    Your Account and Advertisements -

    With listing advertisements on Sleep Overs you agree:

    > That all information is accurate and up to date at all times.

    > That all images and photos presented are an accurate and up to date version of your business/property.

    > That no misleading prices or descriptions are made.

    > That all images and photos are tested for viruses, and if found you have uploaded a virus you may;
       - Have your account suspended
       - Will be required to pay a fine of up to $5,000

    > That all disputes and complaints in relation to your advertisement and business will be dealt with you.

    > That all bookings must be facilitated once accepted, and if they cannot for whatever reason, you are to find an alternative and comparable venue. That is:
       - Same or similar value. 
       - Same or similar room configuration and can accommodate same guest numbers.
       - Within the same region (https://www.sleepovers.com.au/search-regions). 
       - Same or similar services provided. 

    Alternatively, you may wish to offer your guests a fee free refund, however any commission or fees payable to SleepOvers will not be waived.  

    > If Sleep Overs has offered a free or discounted listing to you, your are obliged to ensure its accuracy. This information will be obtained from relevant pre-published websites, affiliated partners of Sleep Overs and search engines. Please contact us immediately if you feel your advert has been misrepresented or wish to have it removed.

    Disclaimers & Rights -

    Sleep Overs reserves the right to withdraw or change our website, products or services (including format, design, scope, etc) at any time. Sleep Overs will use reasonable endeavours to give you advance notice of any material changes that we make to our website, products or services.

    Sleep Overs reserves the right (but has no obligation) to review, modify, reformat, reject or remove (or direct you to modify or remove) any material that you make available or attempt to make available via the Site.

    Sleep Overs ensures that all your information is private and confidential and only used in accordance with Sleep Overs terms and conditions.

    Sleep Overs may run cross-advertising campaigns with other organisations to increase consumer awareness of the website and our clients. Although thorough attention is made to enure all advertisements are marketed generically in accordance with all our listed profiles Sleep Overs does not take responsibility for misbranding, higher regional traffic flows and correctness of your advertisement.

    Sleep Overs ensures that all equipment and facilities used to appropriately host and operate the Sleep Overs website is of the highest standards and therefore we entrust Uber Global to mange and run our equipment and services. Therefore Sleep Overs and our clients are bound by the Terms & Conditions of Uber Global Pty Ltd and available for review on their website. Sleep Overs takes no responsibility for any issues or downtime that may occur via equipment issues

    managed and operated via Uber Global. However we have conducted a thorough assessment on many IT organisations and have deemed Uber Global to be more than suitable.
    Sleep Overs from time to time if we feel you may require certain products or services to help your business we may notify you. If you wish not receive notifications simply email the issuer in order to be removed from the database.

    Regular assessments are made on our client’s advertisements to ensure they have appropriately addressed the term and conditions of listing their advertisements. However we can not guarantee that all clients have appropriately listed their advertisement and therefore if you have discovered a client breached or inappropriately listed their advertisement we ask that you please notify us by emailing: customercare@sleepovers.com.au.

    Fees & Charges -

    Sleep Overs charges an annual account fee to list and advertise your properties and business’s. Further charges apply to adding more properties and adverts within your account and adding specials.
    Sleep Overs reserves the right to change this pricing structure at anytime. Sleep Overs will ensure this will be in the best interest of our clients and notification will be made to inform all our clients of any changes to pricing.
    All listing types are based on an annual cycle so cancelling prior to your renewal date requires the full payment of the remaining months of your subscription. This does not apply for annual subscriptions as they are paid in advance and are non-refundable.
    Pay per booking fee will be the amount of months remaining x $13.00 + confirmed bookings at $2.50 each up and to your annual renewal date.
    Commission will be the amount of months remaining x $5.00 + 20% of the confirmed bookings amount up and to your annual renewal date.

    SleepOvers Rewards & Members Terms & Conditions - 

    1. All applicants are required to provide all information truthfully and accurately or risk termination of their application and may not be eligible to apply again.

    2. All applicants must be over the age of 18 years old.

    3. SleepOvers may at any stage terminate any agreement made if client has illustrated a breech or obstruction to any contract and arrangement agreed upon.

    4. Applicants must have no prior criminal charges or have declared bankruptcy.

    5. To load your SOR Account the following can be made: 

    a) Make a credit card payment by clicking ‘Make a Payment’ on the footer of the SleepOvers website -www.sleepovers.com.au. Please ensure to enter your SOR Account number in the ID Reference field. This will take 2-3 business days to process, and an email will be sent you once completed. 

    b) Approved Service Providers with a Gold or Silver Membership can issue a job submission form or invoice instructing payment/loading of credit points to be made to their SOR Account for remuneration. (Please seek legal and accounting advice regarding any possible GST or tax implications) 

    c) Booking accommodation via the SleepOvers website you will receive a 5c for every dollar spent loaded to your SOR Account. The booking payment must be made in full via a credit/debt card. SOR credit cannot be used. 

    6. To use your SOR Account the following can be made: 

    Important – Further terms and conditions may apply with other businesses (i.e. venues) on how much and when you can use your SOR credit. It is recommended you contact them first to obtain this information. Once you have received your processing code your account will be debited. There are strictly no reversals once this has occurred so please ensure you check all particulars before submitting your SOR debit request.      

    Paying for an accommodation booking on the SleepOvers website.
    ·       Once you have confirmed proceeding a booking on the SleepOvers website you’ll have 2 days to pay. It is recommended you book on a business day as the SOR Accounts Department is only open Monday to Friday.  
    ·       Proceed to the SOR Payment page and attach your booking confirmation material to the payment form.
    ·       Enter the amount you wish to pay from your SOR account.
    ·       The SOR Dept. will assess your payment form and respond within 24hrs with your confirmation.
    ·       You will receive a payment code which you will enter when paying for your accommodation in the ‘Voucher Code’ field upon checkout. 

    ·       Booking your accommodation via the venue website. E.g. via their booking system.
    (Depending on venue, to ensure that your credit card is not charged type in the Guest Comments field – SOR Payment and your account number)
    E.g. SOR Payment Acc. 12345
    ·       Once you have received your booking confirmation proceed to the SOR Payment page and attach your booking confirmation material to the payment form.
    ·       Enter the amount you wish to pay from your SOR account.
    ·       The SOR Dept. will assess your payment form and respond within 24hrs with your confirmation.
    ·       You are to send the SOR confirmation email (with processing code) and your booking confirmation to the venue to process your payment.
    3.       SPECIAL BOOKING –
    Payment for an accommodation booking through the ‘Special Bookings’ page.
    ·       The Special Bookings link is located on the footer of the SleepOvers website.
    ·       Special Bookings are used for group bookings, occasions, events and anything a little different to a standard booking.
    ·       Once you have processed your special booking form and have received a confirmation of the costs from the Bookings Division, you are to proceed to the SOR Payment page and attach your booking confirmation material to the payment form.
    ·       Enter the amount you wish to pay from your SOR account.
    ·       The SOR Dept. will assess your payment form and respond within 24hrs with your confirmation.
    ·       You will receive a payment code which you will enter when paying for your accommodation in the ‘Voucher Code’ field upon checkout. 

    4.       VENUE SERVICES –
    Payment for venue services.
    ·       The Venue Services link is located on the footer of the SleepOvers website.
    ·       Venue Services are services that SleepOvers offers for accommodation venues. E.g. Marketing, Bookings & Sales, Cleaning etc.
    ·       Once you have processed your order you will be required to pay via credit/debit card on the first payment.
    ·       Thereafter when you receive you monthly invoice, you can then use your SOR account. 
    ·       Proceed to the SOR Payment page and attach your invoice material to the payment form.
    ·       Enter the amount you wish to pay from your SOR account.
    ·       The SOR Dept. will assess your payment form and respond within 24hrs with your confirmation.
    ·       You will receive a payment code which you will enter when paying for your accommodation in the ‘Voucher Code’ field upon checkout. 

    5.       OTHER PAYMENTS –
    Payment for other Non-SOM products and services.
    ·       Proceed to the SOR Payment page and attach your invoice material to the payment form.
    ·       Enter the amount you wish to pay from your SOR account.
    ·       The SOR Dept. will assess your payment form and respond within 24hrs with your confirmation.
    ·       You will receive a payment code which you will enter when paying for your accommodation in the ‘Voucher Code’ field upon checkout. 

    7. How to transfer SOR points to your personal bank account as funds.
    a. First ensure you have registered your bank account with SleepOvers.

    b. Complete the SOR payment form provided details and information about your request.

    c. Upon approval, transfer can take between 5-10 business days, and an email confirmation will be sent once processed.

    8. GST – If registered for GST and you are loading your SOR account for services/products provided GST may be applicable. (Please seek legal and accounting advice).

    9. Applying for a SOR Account applicants understand that a personal credit assessment may be processed. Importantly where a sub-zero facility is sought.

    10. SOR transactions and statements are available in your Traveller Members control panel.

    11. Sub-zero facilities incur minimum payments and fees. Upon approval you will be provide with a breakdown of these details.

    12. Client understands and agrees for payments to be debited by SleepOvers via their credit card, nominated payment account or by their employer.

    13. You will be notified of any changes to your account, such as interest rate, fee’s etc. 14 days before it is to take effect.

    14. Applicants must have an active bank account for more than 6 months with another banking institution to apply for a SOR Account.

    15. Every credit transaction expires in 72 months.

    16. Account types include: Gold, Silver, Bronze and Standard. The details of what is included is outlined on the Members page of the SleepOvers website. You cannot change account types once the account has been created. Inactive accounts cannot be used, if an account is inactive for more than 12 months SleepOvers will delete the account.

    17. Please make insure you read all loan offers and packages and ask your consultant for any
    information that is unclear or needing further information on. Please call +61.3 9111 0032 for any

    18. SleepOvers may update and amend these terms & conditions at any time. We will notify you when this occurs.  

    19. Privacy Statement & Disclaimer.

    At SleepOvers we recognise that privacy and security of personal information is important to our
    We respect the confidentiality and security of your personal information and we are committed to
    protecting it at all times.

    Unfortunately we cannot guarantee total privacy as we do need to reply upon the services of the organisations to support and service the SleepOvers group.
    If you have any concerns, please outline these issues by emailing: admin@sleepovers.com.au 

    1. Collection of your personal information from you or other sources
    SleepOvers only collects such personal information as is necessary to manage your account and to
    communicate with you about SleepOvers and the products and services we offer.
    By completing your SleepOvers application form you consent to our use and disclosure of your
    personal information as outlined in this privacy statement.

    2. Use and Disclosure of your personal information
    In managing your account, there may be occasions where we need to disclose your personal
    information to:
    (i) Other financial institutions
    To other financial institutions, such as banks, credit unions and building societies, in order to set up and manage your account and manage banking transactions.
    (ii) Other organisations
    Other entities and/or organisations, such as other companies in order to service other SleepOvers products you may have within the Group. You can choose not to have us disclose your personal information to SleepOvers Pty Ltd companies for this purpose by contacting us directly, however please be aware that we may then be unable to provide particular products or services which require this disclosure, such as managed investment products; organisations undertaking reviews of the accuracy and completeness of our information; authorised organisations providing confidential mailing services, maintenance of our information technology systems, and printing of our standard documents and correspondence; Organisations providing analysis and research to SleepOvers regarding our products, services and customer relationships; our solicitors, valuers and insurers for our loan products; Credit reporting or information verification agencies in order to obtain and provide details of credit history or status. We only disclose personal information to such organisations for the provision of the specified management services.
    (iii) Third parties
    Personal information will only be disclosed to third parties, for example your financial adviser, mortgage intermediary, power of attorney and appointed agent, when you have authorised us to do so. If you wish to amend or withdraw this authority please notify us in writing.

    3. Access to your personal information
    You may request access to the personal information that we hold about you, your account(s) and any other SleepOvers products or services by contacting us directly or by contacting SleepOvers Customer Care by calling +61.3 9111 0032 or email accounts@sleepovers.com.au. Requests for access to your personal information may only be made by you.

    4. Receipt of further SleepOvers Group information
    Your personal information held by SleepOvers will not be disclosed to any other company for marketing purposes unless you specifically consent to receive such information. You can choose to receive information on other SleepOvers Group products and services by contacting us directly. You may elect not to receive further information about SleepOvers or our products by calling, writing to us or contacting us online.
    Our privacy statement may be updated from time to time, as we strive to improve the standard of
    service we provide to you. If you would like further information regarding privacy, you can request our Privacy Policy copy by either calling or writing to us.
    This privacy statement applies to SleepOvers Products and services.

    Privacy and Liability -

    Sleep Overs ensures the utmost of attention is made to keep all our clients private information confidential and secure. However for the purpose of improving our business constant assessments must be made to implement better process to increase success and traffic to our site and in turn your advertisement. Sleep Overs does rely on other organisations to market, operate and process certain elements of our business and therefore we can not guarantee total security however all our suppliers are required to abide by our strict attention to confidentiality.

    By using our facilities and services you hereby indemnify us against any and all loss, damages, claims, liability, expenses, payments or outgoings incurred by or awarded against us arising directly or indirectly from any breach or consequence arising from the use of our services and facilities.

    Questions & Disputes -

    All complaints, disputes, feedback and queries are dealt with by our Customer Care Division, and can be contacted by emailing: customercare@sleepovers.com.au or by completing our Feedback and Complaints form.

    Indemnity – SleepOvers is not liable for inaccuracies in regard to advertised listings by our clients. All legal mattes in relation to your advertisements and clientele must be dealt with through your own dispute resolution processes.

    Complaints and disputes can also be mailed to: 
    2510/668 Bourke St, Melbourne Vic 300
    ABN: 67612184728

    Individuals that are wishing to lodge a complaint against an accommodation venue or SleepOvers can do so by using the complaints form located in the Contact Us page of this website. All lodgements are treated seriously and are investigated thoroughly, for the purpose of resolution. Disputants are advised that any published information made online or via any media against an accommodation venue that is deemed of a defamatory nature or prior to having a matter investigated by SleepOvers or an alternative dispute resolution authority such as - Consumer Affairs may face legal action.

    Therefore it is strongly suggested that a disputant submits a complaint lodgement to establish a resolution between parties and or prior means have fully been addressed by such dispute and resolution authorities. SleepOvers offers a conciliation service so that a synergistic resolution can be made between all parties so that a satisfactory outcome can be achieved.